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On Writing Cerithous: A short essay about Michael T. Bucci's writing of the Cerithous Material and Books.


The reader may wonder the process behind the writing of these works, and it should be discussed. Firstly, this is not a channeled process of the order where a person is "occupied" by an entity who animates the person’s shell and maintains control of their physical body. Rather, this is a telepathic process where the writer is given thoughts and images and expresses such in the best possible language available to him. He is always under his own control.

It is misleading to describe the telepathic information as thoughts and images, however, for it is much more than this. These impressions are the stuff of pure concept. They are felt, understood, registered, and possessed, as any intuitive flash or mental "epiphany" is so experienced. One might conjecture that these concepts being so similar ARE only personal insights were it not for the presence of additional factors. There is an absence of personal control over the nature of the material received. There is a knowledge of a second intelligence. There is a relaxation, and often an absence of personal thought. There is a feeling of transference between the author’s conscious field and an alien field. There is a general expansion of the spiritual level.

Together, these factors characterize the origin of the information and make the experience wholly transcendent.

It must be remembered that pure idea or concept is a substance unique from thought and symbol or language representations. But ideas must be encased in language for expression. Pure idea is not transferred in the medium of language telepathically. There are no words or sentences passing through my mind or over my ear. Rather, there are abstract ideas, prototypes, even archetypes of such crystalline degree that one need only elaborate upon them to give them fair expression. It is important that the reader understand that pure idea once expressed remains language until digested, understood and experienced again; whereupon, it is returned to the original pristine state.

So it is up to the interpretative and language skills of the receptor - the medium, if you will - to adequately express these impressions. This is not only true with the process I describe, but true of all channeling, including trance channeling, where this is incorrectly understood. A somnambulist seance or trance does not - by design - express the language of the controlling entity, for pure energy or pure intelligence possesses no human language. Here too, is a reliance by the outside energy upon the corpus of mental and linguistic skills of the entranced medium - even if this person is asleep.

From this perspective, the process whereby ideas undergo interpretation and expression by the physical receiver is the same for entranced and awake mediums alike. The merits of being awake, however, permit control by the medium; encourage a conscious diligence to the act of expression; and, most importantly, entails an opportunity to participate in the process. This participation is not that of a witness and trustee, but of a recipient and possessor of the idea. For the "awake channel", this is the greatest gift of all.


1992 Michael T. Bucci

Cherry Hill, NJ USA

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