Do we take for granted what we already possess? Certainly, the wise don’t always agree. What fascination we have for other people’s opinions is overshadowed for our own; and this is best and wise — for who else can know the details and the proper way for us but ourselves.


Have no recourse, then, to printed volumes which speak in endless waves against the bedrock of your own wisdom. Don’t take lightly what lies within your heart and soul; then, surely, you will never need another’s advice again.

Your wisdom is custom-made to the dimensions which suit you. It is measured carefully and accurately with the correct balance of truth for you to grasp. What a marvelous gift is this fount provided you to drink from again and again.


This is said again and again: Have faith in self and all life’s moments will appear fresh and sweet. Depend on these everpresent furnishings and a home you will make there. At the corner of every obstacle is truth waiting to be caught. At each instant a precious and unrepeatable glimpse drifts before you. Have faith in your domicile of being where everything at once is occurring. All life occurs there: in your house, in your abode of being. Return there and find this so.


Open the doors and the panes of being and receive everything with welcome arms. Embrace everything — refuse nothing. For we have duly learned the truth of both acceptance and rejection. Choose to embrace and do not neglect anything from your glance. Admitting the all of you is the all of all. The All will surely follow.


A passenger. A visitor. A destination in the making. And all is good. Take in those passing things which mind has belittled. Absorb every slighted thing and receive from it a sustenance. Wince no more at any tiny thing that falls upon your path. It has fallen and it is there for you to receive. Good, bad, happy, sad, joy, pain — invite them all to share a seat at your throne. You, the great architect and imposing monarch of all that you survey, don’t wish away — take in and reap.


And as these passing things pass through you — and even stay — you will look at no thing with fear, for all is meant for you; at no thing with envy, for all that is yours is enough; at no thing with critical gaze, for each thing is perfectly matched and suited to you. This perfection is abundant and without exception. This perfection — once witnessed — is perfection come to you.


Breathe the life which moves you — breathe and know it. All that comes to you is enough. See it now as the best for you.


From this bounty there is no more hunger, no more craving, no more planning for more. It is all here, before thee.


Because this will always be enough, there is no need for more.



Orange Book: Cerithous 1993, 2018 Michael T. Bucci