I believe in one God

who is within all creation.

God is within all things

and all people.


Since God is within all people

no person is without God.

Since God is within each person,

no person can be

or will be denied God.


Each person is entitled

to know God

according to their

own personal preference.

Each person's path is

no less or more valid

than another's path.


The only religion which can

embrace these tenets

is the religion which accepts

all men and all paths equally.


For God created a path

for each soul to follow.

To judge another's path

is to judge God.


For God gave each man

Himself to find.

Each man must find his path

to find his God.


For each path is sacred

because each path

is created by God.

To judge or condemn

another man's path

is therefore sacrilegious.


Because each man's path

is created by God,

the number of religions

on this earth is equal

to the number of people

on this earth.



Rose Book: Cerithous 1992, 2018 Michael T. Bucci