As it was so expressed many times through many ages — the path to God is individual. Religion must serve the individual seeker if it is to fulfill its mission. All religions must return to spirituality in thought and deed — and know it when it occurs. Religion hides instead in many empty shells long deserted by the living.


No man is without spirit and no man does not seek God in his own way and through his own individual path. This is to be respected and encouraged — for no one knows the spiritual climb and search of his fellow.


A conducive atmosphere for personal spiritual attainment is the first and only goal of religion.


Religion is not a science and does not claim special knowledge — men do. If one is to provide oneself with conducive influences, one must find these within the self first. Truths which a man seeks through studying the religion of another can be found through studying himself independent of all outside influences — if he but persists in knowing himself.


No thought or idea unrealized can be a source of spiritual gain. Yet man will accept unrealized truths taught by others as real gain and stop his search. Is he serving himself by serving his religion in this way?


Those truths which find a place in man’s heart find a place because they proceed from him and he realizes them to be true. Other truths yet unrealized are not valid to him until realized. But realize he must many things — with or without the aid of religion.


Realization through living is foremost. For truths do not enter the mind except through spirit and living, and all life is spirit.


Life is not a hollow and unreal dream of the mind. Where mind can only articulate and express truth, life can know it.


If we but knew the excitement in finding each moment as cast from the universal wellspring of perfection, we would know our place in the world, and the place of all things, as being correct in design, synchronous with all harmony and balance, inseparable objects animated from within by the great force and power of God; all existing due to His infinite wisdom and love. If we knew this, what more would we ever want of earthly matters again?


This is the forest from the trees. This is the kingdom which is seen and known from within. This is before all of us — if we so wish to believe it and seek it. There is no earthly or heavenly power which can stop any man on this path! Only he can choose to believe otherwise — for a time.


Religion cannot show man, nor can it deliver man.

But it must not stop man, it must help man.


We have mentioned that all earthly wisdom is but a drop of the vision we await to behold. We will not know this is so until the end.


“NOW” is the supreme task before one who has progressed. This veil which man calls his search may drift from him. Remember, it is one’s own preparation which allows this.


Desire nothing but God.

The kingdom of God is within you.

But you must know who “YOU” are.

This is the key.




Purple Book: Cerithous 1992, 2018 Michael T. Bucci