It is hoped that a practical understanding arises from this study which will impel a speedier spiritual understanding. No longer is the world satisfied with parables and cryptic prayers.


It is altogether possible that mankind is ready to understand his universe and spiritual center without the usual screening and sorting techniques used for millennia.


Several factors in history have occurred which enable man an opening to spiritual science which he once abhorred. One example is a nascent disillusionment with material acquisition. Another is a gnawing boredom of science. Yet another is the accelerated pace of experience in modern living and, hence, quickening of karma. It is conceivable that many karmic effects from karmic actions are occurring within the same lifetime; not in future lifetimes. Some lives, however, are busy building new karma quickly. This group is the exception.


Upon reaching an evolutionary stage of spiritual birth in life, mankind will make alterations to the world of a grand and sweeping degree.


No longer will money, power, status, possessions, competition, or materialism control the affairs of men. Material factors will, of course, be important since life will continue its focus on the physical plane. But materialism will be seen as a false idol and shunned in favor of personal spiritual growth and awareness. Economic systems will see a revamping of their purpose — away from impersonal and seemingly blind management, to one where money, production and supply will serve the greatest good of the greatest number. Should any man starve today it is unnoticed, but not in the future-world.


Individualism has created diversities amongst nations and within societies; there is every reason that this shall continue. But no longer will one preference control or dominate another; each will be seen as a unique expression, but essential to the whole.


What purpose will competitiveness between men serve if each man must recognize that his good depends upon another’s good?


Why should man occupy his time in meaningless work which gives neither satisfaction to the worker, nor meaning to the user, nor purpose to the effort?


How will governments change? Can leaders of higher spiritual values be allowed to lead? Will the sheep return to their true shepherd?


And what part will fear take in this new world, since death is no longer?



White Book: Cerithous 1991, 2018 Michael T. Bucci