Love is inclusive and not divisive. Love seeks to understand first and correct second. Love imparts growth in both parties.


No fear is present in love. Love finds love in other men’s actions. Love corrects actions which are unloving through love. Love is the stream and flow that connects and unifies. Is not the world held together with love from the Father? Are not people connected through love? If God is one and undivided, then what power causes this unity? It is the power of love.


Nothing can overcome love in the end. Love defeats all. The answer to all division is love. Since anger and frustration are products of division, what, then, will overcome division and bring forth what we truly desire? It is love.


The power of love will not act in divisive ways. It will not battle and it will not seek victory — for it does not wish defeat of anything or anyone.


Love more than provides answers, it is THE answer.


Man did not create and cannot manufacture love — but he possesses it nonetheless, and is fit to align with it. To love is a choice he makes.


If love — a power which everyone can experience — is lived, then man will cease trying to find God through bitterness and enmity. For God is not found without love — without love!


Love is evident in certain lives and not in others. Those who love succeed where no intellect can survive. Those who love can withstand what no temperament can weather. Those who love have that wisdom which cannot be learned from books. What man calls love is unity, acceptance, death of the ego and more.


Man should take stock of this great power, love; and bringing it into his life, bring it into the world.



Orange Book: Cerithous 1993, 2018 Michael T. Bucci