How we labor to understand the meaning of death – urged on by our compassion for suffering.


It is not an easy thing to separate spirit from body. Nor was it less painful to enter the material. This is what you see and no more: spirit freeing itself again to its own domain and kingdom beyond the sight of body.


Have gladness in your heart upon such a sight, for what you see is spirit rising, not dying.


We have spoken before of suffering and how it reminds us of our separation – is indeed the state of separation revealed.


All which has a beginning, has an end; all which is eternal remains this.


Sorrow in endings is ill advised, knowing that all which began will end.

We do not pity the fall leaves for we know these are not the tree. We do not mourn the setting sun for tomorrow it will rise. These each prove their rebirth. And each atom of existence in the physical world so proves that it is never destroyed – does not cease to exist. How, then, can man deny this same principle to spirit, to himself, to all men and all souls? Does he think he is less than the leaf, the sun and the atom?


What god would destroy his own creation?



Green Book: Cerithous 1991, 2018 Michael T. Bucci