It is not enough that we read books about spirituality and digest this wisdom as if from a glass, for it does not nourish us like liquid seeping into the body. Words do not leave the page unless they are shared with words already written in the heart and living there. Then, we need no books!


What is etched within and lived within IS the spirituality which we practice.


Many will make a lifetime of reading, of walking with words beside them, but really not understanding anything. This is no different a pursuit than one where mind is set upon facts to elicit new facts. This is elusive and unworthy of our efforts and life.


We must not have time for our own spirituality if we spend it on another's. Are not our life's lessons and wisdom equal to what we read on a page? What better expert on us is there other than ourselves?


We have everything we need within us now. No one can speak for us (although they may pretend to), they can speak only for themselves. Once we realize this, we know where to look and who to find.



Orange Book: Cerithous 1993, 2018 Michael T. Bucci