A traveler needs no permanence from the world. He knows the world can provide too little of it. A visitor is not meant to stay. These are freedoms, yes, but practiced detachments as well. Such a one lives and survives as well as one who clings and wraps himself in security. Such a man eats when hungry while on his way. Such a man shelters his body from the ravaging earth. All these things are his too; while such a man is free to find God.


It is not everlasting life on earth which blind men crave. It is freedom from death they seek. A parable recalled speaks harshly upon the friends of one with such little faith. Have you no room for Me, said the Lord? Have you no hope that this end will bring you closer to Me? They did not see that life is not born of man, but comes from eternity, slightly wrapped in garments of density. How does such a man see? Take off those garments and live free. Take off the many pleasures and desires that attach thought to reality. Take off the many thoughts of oneself which attach spirit to falsity. Take these off the spirit, there is no room for these. Bring that buoyancy into the air. See that the need for these was unreal. That life is still life. That all one really wanted, and now, all one really needs, is spirit.


No one will kill the spirit. There is no murder to fear. Death is not a word for "Here". God will not destroy. Tear down these illusions so you may see that death is human’s wish, and disguised therein, a plea to God, a plea for eternity.



White Book: Cerithous 1991, 2018 Michael T. Bucci